Quality Replacement Teeth Can Change Your Life

Patients with one or more missing teeth in a row experience renewed comfort function with crown and bridgework. Their smiles look great, too! At Holly Dental Associates, Dr. Scholes and Dr. Nielsen know what it takes to deliver amazing smiles. They custom-design dental bridges that look natural and fit like a dream.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a dental prosthetic that contains natural-looking replacement teeth. It fills a gap left by a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth in a row. To anchor your custom bridgework, the dentist will prepare the teeth on either side of the gap with dental crowns. He may suggest dental implants in the absence of healthy anchor teeth.

What are the advantages of crown and bridgework?

This restorative solution provides a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Renewed articulation
  • The ability to comfortably eat a variety of foods
  • Existing teeth won’t drift out of position
  • A more youthful, polished appearance

How do I care for my bridgework?

An effective homecare routine, as well as regular checkups and hygiene visits, will keep your bridge looking and feeling great. The dentist may recommend using floss threaders to remove food particles from hard-to-reach spaces between your bridge and adjacent teeth. By diligently caring for your bridge, it may last 8 to 10 years or longer.

You deserve a healthy, complete smile. With custom crown and bridgework from Holly Dental Associates, you’ll experience newfound confidence and enjoy smiling!

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