Restore Your Smile’s Look, Feel, & Function

Problem: You’ve got a painful tooth that makes eating uncomfortable and smiling a chore.

Solution: A custom-made crown from Holly Dental Associates.

A crown, sometimes called a cap, is a tooth-shaped shell made from porcelain, metal, or porcelain fused to metal. It fits over a compromised or flawed tooth to restore shape and function. Crowns also provide protection against further damage. Dr. Scholes and Dr. Nielsen often recommend crowns for teeth that are:

  • Badly decayed
  • Broken
  • Cracked
  • Malformed
  • Severely worn

Porcelain crowns look like natural teeth and preserve the integrity of an all-white smile. The dentist will consider tooth location and stressors to determine the appropriate material for your crown. Custom-made crowns take about three visits to design and place. They last for years to keep smiles in top form!

Custom made crowns take two visits to design and place.  They are far less likely to fracture than one visit crowns and are made by professional laboratory technicians.

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