The doctors at Holly Dental are always looking for ways to make your experience more comfortable and convenient. Laser Dentistry can do both of these, making it one of the most exciting new advances in dentistry.

The Advantages of Laser Dentistry Include

Can often be performed without anesthesia shots

Gum surgery can be performed quickly

Post operative discomfort is reduced

Healing occurs more rapidly and with less discomfort

Lasers thoroughly disinfect soft tissue

What Can Laser Dentistry Do For Me?

Lasers are often used to assist in the following procedures.

Gum surgery

Sulcus decontamination (removing inflamed gum tissue and bacteria from periodontal (gum) pockets.

Removal of oral lesions (cold sore mouth ulcers)

Minor biopsies

Frenectomy correcting speech problems caused by “tongue tied” tissue attachments

Uncover wisdom teeth

Manage gum tissue when taking an impression for a crown

Diagnosing cavities

How does the laser work and is it safe?

The laser uses special and highly focused beams of light energy to perform dental procedures on teeth and gums. Laser dentistry is extremely safe and has been approved by the American Dental Association for many dental procedures.

Lasers are being used by dentists all over the world. Laser use in dentistry has increased dramatically since the 1990’s and continues to grow. The CO2 laser is absorbed by water and only penetrates to .1mm. The transmitted energy will not go beyond

Laser Assisted Sulcus Decontamination
One of the most exciting procedures possible with laser dentistry is laser gum therapy or laser assisted sulcus decontamination. The American Dental Association estimates that by age 36, 70% of adults will develop some form of periodontal gum disease.

Even more alarming is the link in recent studies between periodontal disease and heart disease, stroke, and other body ailments. Typical gum surgery involves cutting the gum, peeling it off the bone, and suturing it back after cleaning and scraping the area. Many times the discomfort from conventional gum surgery and financial considerations deter individuals for seeking the recommended gum treatment.

In contrast, laser gum therapy uses light energy to remove infected tissues and bacteria with accuracy and without the need to peel the gum off the bone. In many instances this is accomplished without injections (needles or shots)!

Patients can proceed with gum treatment and benefit from:

Less need for conventional cut and peel gum surgery

Increased bone healing

Less time in the dental chair

Less noise

Reduced infection

Less post operative bleeding and pain

Faster healing

Less expense

Ask the doctors or hygienists if laser gum therapy is right for you!