Conservative Care, Healthy Smiles

Dr. Scholes and Dr. Nielsen advocate conservative care to keep smiles in tip-top shape. A root canal preserves an internally damaged tooth to prevent extraction. The dentists use advanced techniques and modern analgesics to make root canal therapy a comfortable, successful experience.

Tooth pain or pressure often indicates damage in the canals that lead from the pulp, or nerve, of a tooth. A tooth fracture, deep cavity, or other trauma can compromise the canals and allow infection to set in. Left untreated, pain worsens and the pulp may die.

A root canal removes early-stage infection to prolong the life of a tooth. Once the infected material is removed, the dentist inserts a biocompatible filler, then mounts a custom crown atop the tooth. Root canals remove the nerve but preserve the hard structures of the tooth.  Pain and pressure are relieved, and patients preserve complete, healthy smiles.

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