Roger Veth on 09/15/2016 (Published on Rate A Biz)

It seems most offices never take you on time, but that has not been the case with Holly Dental. You are always on-time and that is extremely important since my time is very limited. Also everyone is always both professional and very friendly.

Kay Steiner 2016

DR.Scholes- Always on time and always feel like my teeth are clean when I leave. Always a pleasure, even when I need a filling.

Kay N. Chicago, Il.

I LOVE going to Holly Dental. I consistently walk out of my dentist appointments feeling magnitudes happier than when I walk in. How many people can say that? I mean, really.

I have been seeing Dr. Nielson for about ten years., And I have lived in Chicago, IL for four of them. I make trips to back to Colorado a few times a year to see both my family… and my dentist. (This includes “emergencies,” like a day-trip I made for a filling that had fallen out.)

I did try finding another dentist. Once. And the experience was so negative that I immediately went back to Holly Dental, and now go 1,000 miles “out of my way” to stick with Dr. Nielson. A lot of these reviews talk about how he treats clients like real people. That is putting it mildly. I cannot talk highly enough about his interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. And the same goes for his entire team – and colleagues. He goes out of his way to treat you like an individual and to honor your preferences.

Don’t want to be numbed for a small filling? Willing to tough it out? Not a problem!
Hate the sensation of the polishing? You don’t have to have it!
Outright terrified to have your wisdom teeth pulled, to the point that you procrastinate for years? Don’t fret! He’ll refer you to a surgeon as understanding and empathetic as he is (who will proceed to do the procedure with laughing gas if your real fear is the IV.)

These are small things. Except that they aren’t. Because these are the exact sort of “small” things that make a lot of people dread the dentist – or fly 1,000 miles to go again.

GREGORY Y Customer since 2012

Dr. Scholes and Miriam were as gentle as they could be, extracting a molar! Everything was explained clearly, and everyone in the office is just really, really kind and pleasant. And then today, less than 24 hours after my procedure, Dr. Scholes called me to check in – see how I was doing, see if I had questions, etc. Glad my friend recommended Holly Dental.

Stan Harbour 2016

Dr Scholes -Professional and very efficient. Appointment was great!

JANET T Customer since 2013

My husband & I are pleased that we have recently moved our dental care needs to Holly Dental Associates. We appreciate that Hannah, Alyssa & Dr Nielsen demonstrated their interest in providing the best dental care for us with comprehensive cleanings & exams.

FERYL L Customer since 2013

On July 10, 2014, Dr. Nielsen re-seated a crown for me that had come loose. He was very kind to see me, even though I am a patient of Dr. Scholes, who was not in that day, and he had to fit me into his very busy schedule. He took an x-ray of my tooth, to be sure nothing else was going on and then re-seated the crown, which actually feels better now than it has since it was originally placed. I will not go into more of the details, but suffice it to say that, as my husband and I are somewhat new patients to Holly Dental, I was so overwhelmed by his kindness, that we are thinking of this practice as a more permanent place to meet our dentistry needs. When starting with a new dentist, it is unknown whether it will be good or bad choice, but we are glad that we were referred to this office! Dr. Scholes is awesome as well, so we have two dentists in the same office. Can’t get much more convenient than that!!

CATHERINE M Customer since 2002

The staff at Holly Dental are ALWAYS courteous, prompt, caring and Professional. Dr. Nielsen is especially meticulous in his care for your Dental Health. His attention to detail provides you with the assurance you are in the best of hands. I would highly recommend Holly Dental to anyone.

REUBEN S Customer since 2014

I’ve always feared going to the dentist.

Holly Dental has changed that for me.

What great dentist’s and a wonderful staff.

I want to thank all of you.

Carol N. Englewood, Co

Holly dental provides the best dentistry around! I found this office while searching for a solution to a broken crown. I went to four different dentists One dentist told me that the tooth would have to be removed by an oral surgeon. One told me that he could replace the crown for $1600. I am so grateful that Dr. Nielsen at Holly Dental actually cared enough to treat me as a person. He was able to replace the crown for a fraction of the cost and I have had no trouble with it! I have moved my entire family over to Holly. My son just had his wisdom teeth removed, quickly and painlessly. My 10 year has been terrified of dentists ever since a nightmare at Comfort Dental. The associates at Holly are so friendly and patient, she has now learned to like the dentist. My 6 year also gets regular cleanings at Holly Dental and he too, now has no problem with seeing the dentist. I highly recommend this office!

ALEXIS S Customer since 2010

Nina is the absolute best hygienist and the sole reason we go to Holly Dental! She is truely the kindest and most empathic hygienist my daughter has ever had! She also recommended Ohmart Orthodntists for their compassion and she was right -they are a good fit for my daughter! We don’t ever want to lose Nina -she is a gem!

Bridget Harte on 09/06/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Holly Dental was recommended to me our neighbor, who spoke very highly of them. Today was my first visit, and Kelly (filling in for Hanna) was my hygienist. She took a full set of xrays, examined my teeth and gums, cleaned them initially with a very sophisticated “water pick” and then manually, ending with a polish. She was very nice and very professional, explaining things each step of the way. When finished Dr. Neilsen reviewed the xrays and discussed my visit. I was very impressed with both the personnel and the office. I am very glad I came here!

MATTHEW S Customer since 2002

As always great service and a pleasure to be at the dentist.

10 months ago

CASSIANA M Customer since 2014

Nina was great! She was gentle and did an awesome job with the cleaning. I would recommend her to anyone, Will not go to anyone else. Not always easy to find a good hygienist! Happy found Nina! She rocks!

10 months ago

MATTHEW L Customer since 2009

it was great

10 months ago

Anonymous Verified customer

Wonderful experience!

10 months ago

NANCY M Customer since 2013

Excellent dental work

10 months ago 
TERRI H Customer since 2006

As usual, Nina was fantastic and wonderful!

Give her a huge raise for being so spectacular!!!!!!

Thanks!   🙂

10 months ago

Anonymous Verified customer

You all are the best!!!

11 months ago

CHARLES C Customer since 2013

Great appt and service. Always nice when there is no delay or complications.

11 months ago

COLLEEN B Customer since 1986

Very thorough. Calm and professional atmosphere. Dentist explains any procedure that need to be done and why.

12 months ago

5 stars JONI W Customer since 1996

I have been a patient with this practice for over 15 years (that should say something). Everyone is kind, helpful, knowledgeable, and just wonderful at walking you through any procedure you are having done. They are also fantastic with children! I truly wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Scholes and everyone in the practice, you all make coming to the dentist a calming and caring experience.

12 months ago

5 stars PETER F Customer since 2006

The Doctors @ holly dental are outstanding ! Thank you all for the great work !
12 months ago

5 stars JOYCE C Customer since 1990

Very personable and gentle.